quarta-feira, 22 de junho de 2011

T de Tratado de Pedagogia (XXXIV)

Em dia de exame nacional de Matemática:


To commemorate the grand bazaar
the king is given a prize goat (x)
that is one and a half metres high.
Given that a prize goat eats
ten square yards of grass a day,
how long should the leash (y)
be tied so the prize goat can roam free
and feed until the next grand bazaar?

To the man who can give an answer
in yards and show his working,
goes the talcum hand of the virgin princess
who is also one and a half metres high.

Men come. One brings a ball of string
and a cauliflower to show he is both wise
and humble, another swings a bag of seeds,
two brothers flex their matching red braces.

So the suitors measure, scribble, compare
their feats of mind, strenght and faith.
Bunting feathers the eaves, a local man
juggles numbers through the streets
dressed in the fleece and horns of a buck.
The princess bites her lip, her hair plaited
with ribbons the colours of her country.
Meanwhile the goat goes hungry.

Jack Underwood

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